Serial entrepreneur, Author, International Motivational Speaker, Media contributor, Business and human potential expert and un delegate tagged by success magazine as a “Creativity and Innovation Guru”, Jen Groover’s name has become synonymous with innovation, Entrepreneurship and evolution. She has gone from guest hosting spots on tv, To inking deals with some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets.

The best selling author of “What If & Why Not?”, made history at the NYSE with the first group of all women to ring the bell, representing women’s leadership and economic independence, after taking her Butler Bag company to a million dollars in sales in it’s first year of business, later to license the brand to AVON. Jen’s life mantra, “If you are going to complain about something, then you better do something about it!” led to the creation of JumpStart Startup.


gengrooverJumpStart StartUp’s inspiration came from Jen when she was frequently doing television segments on how to start or grow a business, and speaking on entrepreneurship all over the world. She realized innovation often died before it even began because so many people felt so overwhelmed and under-educated on how to become an entrepreneur. She would aim to simplify the process in her segments, at her speaking engagements, and in her book, and realized through all of the positive feedback, that was the solution to helping people overcome their fear and gain confidence to move forward in following their dreams. JumpStart StartUp is a replication Jen’s unique ability to break things down and simplify them for others; as seen in her tv segments, book and presentations. Jen believes her degree in education and psychology, helped sharpen that skill set, so that she could amplify her ability to impact others.


leftAs a serial entrepreneur for 20 years, I understand what it takes to start and scale businesses, in multiple industries. JumpStart StartUp isn’t a business created on theory.It’s a business that was created in the real life training ground of entrepreneurship. I have the bumps and bruises to prove it.quote
( Jen Groover )


James O’Neill


A proven leader in the Retail Sales Management arena, with extensive sales, marketing, leasing and
operational expertise.James has 25 years of experience in traditional year round mall retail sales operations with the nation’s leading health supplement chain GNC and most recently, the US and Canadian seasonal kiosk business for Hickory Farms, Inc.


Joe Purifico


A seasoned professional and entrepreneur with a solid background in business law, accounting, real estate, and financing. His career started with a big six accounting firm, continued as General Counsel for a publicly traded transportation leasing company. Joe developed an entrepreneurial legal and financial private practice and became CEO and General Counsel for Halloween Adventure and Smart Toys, and is a pioneer in the temporary leasing industry.




Co-founder of Groover Media; responsible for design and back end operations. Prior to Groover Media, Sal founded: BugEye Creative, a design firm, acquired by Focint Inc, and Itty Bitty Ink, a greeting card company, acquired by national distributor, Emery Burton. Sal was also a sponsored triathlete competing in world class events: Ironman USA, Escape from Alactraz and the Boston Marathon.