Front Row Factor

What if you could take all your life experiences – the good and the bad – and use them to develop a new, heightened sense of self-awareness? What would you do with it?

In this episode, I talk with Jen Groover, ranked by SAP as one of the top influencers of human potential and labeled a “One Woman Brand” by SUCCESS magazine.

Jen shares stories about her life and reveals how to step outside of your own life and watch the script you created. She’ll also share tips you can use to change and improve it.

According to Jen, “If we find wisdom in everything that happens to us, then nothing went wrong.


Here’s What You’ll Discover

  • Identify events in your past that are impacting your life today and what you can do to address them. [11:45]
  • Why it’s important to move beyond the fear of self-awareness and address the issues and circumstances of your life. [18:15]
  • Learn about the one thing you truly have control over and how it shapes your reality. [23:00]
  • Hear Jen’s own transformational moments that impacted her decisions in life, even before she realized it. [27:26]
  • Find out surprising things that could be holding you back from discovering your own self-actualization. [45:35]
  • Discover action steps that you can start today to reach new levels of self-awareness. [47:00]
  • And much more…

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